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Employees Need an Experience Too

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the reason some organizations see productivity gains even in the most challenging times is because of their people. Employees who know they are valued and are given the necessary tools to execute their jobs have the potential to launch companies toward reaching their goals no matter how challenging the economic climate might be.

Recently, more attention is being paid to the employee experience (EX) – the micro experiences that employees have throughout the day based on their physical or virtual environment. EX is the physical or virtual manifestation of an organization’s values, mission and purpose, and it is important because space impacts behavior.

POE’s forward thinking leadership team identified this critical factor and was very mindful with the renovation of our studio keeping EX as our compass during each phase of the project. For POE, creating physical spaces that help our members connect on a personal level is vital. We celebrate our members and encourage them to bring their authentic self to POE each day. We have designed spaces to foster this openness, like our outdoor patio where – in nice weather – we have meetings and happy hours. Especially in the past year it has become a haven for our members to gather in a safe manner.

By aligning EX with workplace planning decisions, we ensure the physical experiences being created will support our employees mentally and physically. Incorporating respite spaces that offer a place to recharge promotes mental breaks, movement and a change of posture. There are also many open spaces for collaboration that give employees the space to be physically distant while being inspired to innovate.

Our team has knowledge and passion for wellbeing and some team members have specific certifications for designing healthy environments. This gave us the ultimate edge in developing a workspace solution with physical wellness, cognitive support and psychological comfort at the forefront.

Thoughtful planning and consideration of the needs of our members guided our design development process and continues to provide cues to ensure that our physical and virtual workspace are an asset to our people. POE strives to create an EX that welcomes members, nudging them to move, focus and connect while increasing overall happiness. In turn our members will be able to improve client satisfaction, continue to innovate and remain flexible.

EX will continue to be the hot topic among workplace strategy not just for employee performance, but for the acquisition and retention of employees. Attracting top talent and creating loyalty is not an easy task. Making sure that your people have what they need for their physical, mental, and emotional needs is imperative to creating a strong team that will lead your company through thick and thin.

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