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Who We Are

The Story of P•O•E

Our Roots

P•O•E is focused on the growth and well-being of our members and the communities in which we belong. We serve our clients, suppliers, and one another through our commitment to working better.​

We’re rooted in trust and transparency and cultivate a positive environment. We build trust by sharing open-book management and encouraging members to have fun and let their individual personalities shine. Our members know their purpose, exceed expectations, and feel both empowered and valued. ​

​Members are also committed to sustainability and community involvement. We encourage one another to be good stewards of our environment and our community by always striving to do the right thing.

Our Mindset

P•O•E takes a holistic approach to understand people in order to create places that work better. We guide our clients to successful outcomes.​

We are also providers of a positive member experience with the belief that taking care of our members empowers them to take care of our clients. We’re dedicated to getting the right people into the right positions where their talents will be an asset. We value a hybrid schedule while still maintaining a collaborative team environment. And we encourage physical and mental wellness. ​

We’ve evolved from a furniture dealership into a workplace planning and solutions firm. Our work impacts our client’s happiness and prosperity. There is an invisible energy people feel when they experience a place that we help design.

Our Aspirations

P•O•E uses its business as a force for good. We track and certify our entire social and environmental performance, which includes our clients, the environment, governance, supply chain, charitable giving, as well as our members and their benefits. P•O•E is sought after for our ethical business practices.​

​Our long-term commitment to improving our business operations delivers impactful change and positions P•O•E for a resilient future. We continuously increase market share as the go-to knowledge leaders for strategic consulting to work better.​

P•O•E engages members in day-to-day decisions that drive profitability and shareholder value. All members share a rewarding stake in our success for a greater sense of purpose. By measuring and exceeding targets for employee attrition, engagement, and productivity, P•O•E is recognized as a “best place to work” attracting the top talent in our market.

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