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Becoming Agile: Two POE Members Move into Leadership Roles

The events over the past two years have shined a spotlight on organization’s ability to be flexible and agile. POE has been able to keep a good pace with the paradigm shifts happening in the workplace and we have recently implemented some changes that will make us a truly agile organization.

POE is functioning as a network of teams which enhances our ability to efficiently serve our clients, foster ownership thinking and seamless problem solving. Each team is accountable to a leadership team member who is instrumental in facilitating a people-centered culture.

POE would like to congratulate Christy Merdinian and Cathy Louis for their promotions into new leadership roles during this transition. As Project Administrator, Cathy will be responsible for strategically integrating our systems for purchasing, customer service and project coordination across our network of teams. As Vice President of Client Development, Christy is shaping the strategic vision and leading the day-to-day administration of our Client Development teams.

With these changes POE will master the paradox of being both stable and dynamic at the same time. We will be able to mobilize quickly, be nimble and feel empowered to act so that we become a unique solution to each one of our clients.

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