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POE has a culture that is rich in values. Our members are always there to lend a helping hand.  


Our values are who we are as an organization.   


The choices we make cultivate a positive environment - encouraging happiness, a sense of belonging, and personal growth. We act in a manner our parents and kids would be proud.

Do The Right Thing


Client First

Exceptional client service is foundational to what we do. We exceed the expected, transcending the transactional to deliver a notable ROI.

Filling the room with what is possible is energizing and encouraged. We celebrate authentic collaboration to find something more valuable than the sum of its parts. 

Positive Player


Transparency and autonomy create an environment where members feel empowered to take initiative, solve problems and demonstrate leadership. We take responsibility and make decisions that will lead to the best outcome for our clients and our organization.

Ownership Thinking

There isn’t always a recipe for every outcome and many times we need to create the recipe. We never say that’s not my responsibility, however we leverage innovation, collaboration and creativity to get it done and achieve our goals.  

Figure It Out

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