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Rabo AgriFinance

St. Louis I Financial Services


Rabo AgriFinance's traditional space was lacking social spaces for collaboration and a lack of flexibility for growth.  In addition, their St. Louis headquarters did not reflect their Netherlands roots and culture. 


POE engaged John Scott from Haworth who then led several Workplace Strategy engagements with a select Rabo Evolve Team. The data from the Evolve team helped create several possible designs that would enable members to thrive.  A pilot station was then built and feedback was accumulated from members within the program.  Based on the feedback, small adjustments were made, but about 80% of the pilot was utilized towards the rest of the space.  Today, Rabo AgriFinance's space reflects their culture and their heritage.  By investing in Haworth's Integrated Palette, they have also been able to easily flex and re-configure their space with zero downtime as they continue to grow. 

Design Firm Credit: Gray Design Group

Workplace Strategy: Haworth

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