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CORE, a division of POE, is well suited to implement a strategic move management plan that ensures low downtime in order to maximize productivity.


Don’t let moving bog you down. CORE can help you plan and coordinate the relocation of your facility’s contents within an existing building, or from one building to another. CORE’s key to successful move management isn’t the physical aspect of the move, but more the task of keeping staff informed and the move organized to ensure a smooth process with minimal disruption.

Save Time

Consult with CORE so you can

focus on your core business.

Move Management

Proven Process

We have a process in place. 

No need to invent one.

No Surprises

We provide proposals. Not estimates. No surprise change orders.

Reduced Stress

It's a given. 

We'll take it from here.

More Than Movers

Existing Furniture. New Furniture.

We bring the vision to life.

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