CORE Facility Services

We are problem solvers ready to help you tackle your facility’s needs.

CORE Facility Services, a division of POE, combines our expertise in strategic relocation planning, furniture design, specifications, and installation with the services that help you with the day-to-day management of your facility. Whether it is a one-time relocation to a new building, the desire your internally brand your space, or an on-going tracking of department square footage, CORE will provide you with the services that make your life easier.

Our services were made for you, and are flexible and tailored to meet your specific needs.
Contact CORE Facility Services Director Stacey Hudson at (314) 743-1822 to discover all POE can do for you.

Strategic Move Management

Don’t let moving bog you down. CORE can help you plan and coordinate the relocation of your facility’s contents within an existing building, or from one building to another. CORE’s key to successful move management isn’t the physical aspect of the move, but more the task of keeping staff informed and the move organized to ensure a smooth process with minimal disruption.

Furniture Refurbishment & Modification

Adapt your space to support the way you work without paying big. POE’s CORE Facility Services offers a variety of refurbishment and modification services that help you maintain, modify, and reconfigure your existing furniture. These services include cleaning and repairing existing furniture, modifying existing furniture to adapt to new ways of working, reconfiguration of workplace layouts, lowering of panel heights, cutting work surfaces, modifying storage units, and more!

Other capabilities include:

• Panels
• Seating
• Tackboards

• Electro-static painting
• Color matching of most paint finishes

• Panel cleaning
• Chair cleaning
• Fabric coating services

Used Furniture Disposal

Does your facility have items it no longer needs? CORE Facility Services will find the best solution for their disposal. Depending on the quantity and condition of your items, we may be able to find a buyer or recycle them through a nonprofit organization.

Art, Signage & Graphics

Our art consulting services range from hanging your existing art to commissioning site-specific pieces for your office. Before starting her career in interior design, Stacey Hudson, Director of CORE Facility Services, studied printmaking and photography for her B.F.A. and worked in art galleries.  As a designer, Stacey continues to work on art work selections and installations for her clients.

By either working with artists on commissioned, site-specific pieces or selecting from completed pieces, CORE Facility Services will present you with multiple options that compliment your office design.

Prints and Posters
CORE has a wide range of resources for posters, giclée prints, and photographs. Modern printing technology allows you to customize the size and the substrate of artwork to best fit your facility and budget, and prints may be provided on paper, wood, acrylic, or metal – all which change the look of the image.

Whether you need to reframe your existing artwork or frame new purchases, POE’s CORE Facility Services provides a nearly endless assortment of frames and mats. CORE only selects materials that highlight and protect images; clear glass, Plexiglas, UV protection, archival mat board, and security mounts are options, if needed, for those special pieces in your collection.

Do you need some assistance with your internal branding? CORE Facility Services can create customized, affordable signage and visuals to help communicate your message to others in the workplace. We have a variety of materials, sizes, and colors at our disposal to meet your needs. From company name and logo display to room and desk markers, CORE can meet your visual communication needs.  Additionally, CORE is able to provide custom and standard film for tinting glass on workstations, tilt-up walls, or traditional construction.

CORE’s artwork install team provides installation services using standard hooks and wire, security mounts, stand-offs, or other specialty hardware a piece may require.