NeoCon 2017

Discover Your Culture

Discover Your Culture, Design Your Space, Develop Your People.

This year NeoCon was focused on optimizing organizational culture through effective space design that engages people, increases performance, and drives innovation.  To learn more, visit the interactive culture site and discover how your culture can translate to a design that elevates the human experience. 

NeoCon 2017 from Haworth Inc. on Vimeo.


Showroom design by Patricia Urquiola

Haworth once again collaborated with designer and architect Patricia Urquiola to showcase complementary environments that promote balance. The spectrum of furnishings, colors, textiles, and technology connection demonstrate how whole spaces kindle enriching and intriguing experiences for the people who use them.

Born in Oviedo, Spain, Patricia lives and works in Milan where she runs Studio Urquiola. Since 2012, Patricia has partnered with Haworth to create the Openest™ collection. 

New at NeoCon 2017

At NeoCon 2017, Haworth introduced 23 new products that inspire and empower people to perform at their best. Visit our New Products page for more information on these new additions.

Materials & Finishes

Haworth’s next generation color palette comes alive in new finishes and fabrics. Accent paints complement neutral palettes. New veneers highlight the natural characteristics of wood. We invite you to find new ways to breathe life into the experience of work.

Zody - Ten years ago, a pioneer. Today, a champion for wellness at work.

Zody is known world-wide, has appeared in over 20 TV shows, and is even an award winner. Zody is also a trendsetter, being the first chair to offer asymmetrical lumbar support, the first chair to be endorsed by APTA (American Physical Therapy Association), and first to offer a takeback recycle program. We are celebrating 10 years with refreshed finishes and materials. Three warmer trim tones and five colorful mesh fabrics. A special edition Zody, designed by Patricia Urquiola, will also be offered.