Product Solutions

Cultivating relationships doesn’t stop with our clients. Professional Office Environments maintains relationships with Haworth and hundreds of other manufacturers, enabling us to provide furniture solutions for any style and price point. We support our clients with strong product knowledge, expert services, effective project management, and experience in identifying smart furniture investments.

Change is an everyday occurrence. Staying nimble while keeping up with advancements in technology and changing workstyles is integral to your success. Haworth’s Organic Workspace features a portfolio of products that allow you to build a highly flexible and reconfigurable workplace. From flooring to furniture, all products within the line work together – functionally and visually – to provide an integrated, holistic environment that can endlessly adapt as needs change.

We want your product solutions to be flexible and adaptable. The Integrated Palette, a key component in Haworth’s Organic Workspace, features a portfolio of products with a “Lego-like” design logic. Each piece of Integrated Palette’s portfolio is created to serve a different purpose, but maintains the same design logic, resulting in a line of interchangeable products. Each is reconfigurable, allowing you to easily adapt your workspace as you need – saving you time and money in any future moves, adds and changes.



Easily adapt your space to support your changing needs.

Our adaptable workspace solutions allow you to easily create a complete, cohesive space that easily adapts to rapidly changing business and technology climates. Options include panel based systems, architectural furniture, and storage-based solutions. Haworth’s Integrated Pallet, a key component of the Organic Workspace, allows you the freedom to create a highly adaptable, dynamic work environment supported by technology.

Raised Floors

Create a framework built for change.

There’s no faster way to change your space than with raised access flooring. They are quick to install, technology-ready, and quiet underfoot. Using space under the floor to distribute HVAC, communication, data and power, raised access floors are a proven way to reduce the cost of facility operations while bringing data and connectivity wherever you choose to collaborate.

Movable Walls

Increase your workplace’s flexibility.

Looking to increase your worksplace’s agility, sustainability, and image, and to reduce facilities costs? All these and more can be achieved with the addition of demountable walls. Our expert Architectural Interiors (AI) team will work with you and your team to determine which solution works best for your people, your space, and your culture.

Power and Communications

Plug and play technology solutions designed for your convenience.

Our technology solutions for electrical power and data, and voice telecommunications are built with the user and facility in mind. Plug and play solutions allow for quick reconfiguration. For increased convenience, access points can be configured on multiple levels.


Foundational elements for wellness and comfort.

The average office worker sits for about 10 hours per work day – the majority accumulated at work, and the rest at home. With so much of your day spent in your seat, it only makes sense to ensure the one you purchase is functional and ergonomically sound. The POE team will work with you to identify seating that meets your budget, image, ergonomic, and sustainable goals. From the science-based design of the Zody, to simpler seating that fits your budget, we are able to custom fit your product solutions to fit all your seating needs.


Elegant solutions that integrate into your workplace.

Our desk and casegood solutions provide user comfort as well as aesthetic integration with other products in the surrounding environment. Our broad finishes offering eco-friendly furniture manufacturing processes and shared dimensions across lines make it easy to create an elegant, productive workspace.


Reusable storage solutions with lasting value.

POE’s storage solutions including filing, towers, and pedestals. Each completes any workspace with ample storage for all types of personal and media items. You can use and re-use storage solutions in a variety of spaces and configurations. Engineered for strength, durability, and lasting value, our office storage is a smart investment.


Customized training and conference tables with wide product variety.

We feature finely-crafted boardroom conference tables and sleek, fully-powered training tables. With an exceptional variety of surface choices, edge details, base styles, top shades, and technology-friendly features, our office table collection invites you to customize the look and feel of your training and conference rooms.


Multi-functional, ergonomic task lighting fit for any project.

POE’s task lighting coupled with natural light provides users the appropriate amount of light for any function.