Marianne Hayes

Marianne Hayes

Director, Workplace Solutions

p: 314.743.1849


Marianne has over 15 years of experience in building client relationships and handling projects of every shape and size. She received her Bachelor's in Family and Consumer Sciences from Western Illinois University, and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. Marianne's previous roles developed her skills at understanding clients’ needs and working alongside their designers specify solutions that will support their people now and into the future. Her approach is consultative in nature, seeking first to gain insight on the clients needs, challenges, and future goals so that she and her team can create solutions aligned with your budget, culture, and workstyles.

Distinguished for her consistency, responsiveness, and client-centric philosophy, Marianne serves her clients as a trusted advisor on building long-term, adaptable workplace solutions. In her spare time, Mairanne enjoys distance running and chowing down on Black Forest gummy bears.