Our Approach

Discover. Design. Build. Adapt & Maintain.

You’re about to make an investment that not only involves time and money, but impacts you and your organization. Utilizing our approach outlined below, POE helps you create solutions that combine workplace knowledge with relevant trends and technology, ensuring an adaptable, high performance workplace that cultivates growth and evolution.

1. Plan
We first actively listen in order to understand your company’s culture, wants, and needs. Using this information, we can work with you to align all members, refine project goals, and develop solutions.
The earlier you include our team in your project, the better the result you will receive as we will be able to work with all project teams to ensure your space and product solutions work together, providing the best support possible.

2. Design
After discovering your project needs and determining how POE can meet them, we assemble the different pieces of your workplace puzzle, working within your budget to decide which applications work best for your company’s varying workstyles and overall culture. Our team will work with you to conceptualize the project, validate product applications, document its components, and then validate the solutions.

3. Build
POE project managers are experienced, skilled, and courteous. Using a streamlined approach, they are able to implement solutions to your space on time, and with minimal disruption. To ensure complete satisfaction after a project is completed, a walk through, punch list, and follow up will be conducted post-project as needed. We then close the loop by documenting our customer satisfaction scores via client surveys.

4. Adapt & Maintain
You made an investment in our company and its products – let us provide a maximum return. For POE, the relationship with our clients doesn’t end at the punch list. We have a complete service offering. CORE Facility Services is a division we specifically created to help extend the life cycle of our clients’ facilities investments. CORE can help you brand, adapt, and maintain your space, and provide you with the knowledge and solutions necessary to support your workplace culture.