POE’s CORE Commissions “Perfect Piece” for Helix Center

Date: December 1, 2014

ST. LOUIS, MO, December 1, 2014 – Professional Office Environments (POE) is thrilled to announce a recent installation of fine art at Helix Center in Maryland Heights. POE recently commissioned “Dark Summer Sky: Mica, Stars & Fireflies” by Astrid Hilger Bennett on behalf of Helix Center.

The piece, 42” x 175” in size, was chosen for its natural, abstract nature. “I use a lot of natural forms. I had this image from back when I was teaching at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. I was walking back to my cabin and I noticed the stars were out. [The stars], micah in the ground, and fireflies made one big continuum of dots.” Working with the concept, Astrid then added a sense of rhythm, as well as other natural elements to “propel the eye through the piece.”

Karen Hart, Site Administrator at Helix Center, enjoys the piece’s abstract nature. “I love that every person that’s going to stop and look at it will see something different. For me, it makes me think of organic and natural elements [sic].” She continues, talking about how the piece ties the room together.

“This is a very handsome room. We needed a strong piece with a certain softness to tie everything together. It finishes off this area to be a great gathering space. It’s now a step up from just being a lobby.”

Left to Right: Karen Hart - Helix; Faith Berger; Astrid Hilger Bennett; Stacey Hudson - POE's COREIn 2010, POE decided to take its service offerings to another level and introduced CORE Facility Services. The robust division offers an array of valuable services such as move management, furniture refurbishment, artwork consulting, signage, and many more. Since its founding, CORE has aided over 45 companies’ facility management teams.

POE’s CORE assists not only facility managers, but gallery representatives as well, serving as a go -between for the two parties. Faith Berger, gallery rep for Astrid Hilger Bennett, comments on just how much Stacey Hudson, Director of CORE, brings to the table.

“Stacey is a pleasure. Always up, always positive, and always open. She gets it, in terms of how the space can be finished. She’s engaged in the process for her client….she really knows what she wants and is clear about it – which makes things easier for me! She’s a real pleasure to work with.”

“Dark Summer Sky: Mica, Stars & Fireflies” was installed Monday, November 10th, 2014, and is one of two fine art pieces commissioned for Helix Center.

Astrid’s piece was installed Monday, November 10th, and is one of two commissioned pieces at the Helix Center.