High Performace Workplace

A "living laboratory" for high performance workplaces

In 2012, Professional Office Environments purchased a 1970’s, down-on-its-luck office warehouse and transformed into our new home. Using the shell of the existing structure, we were able to create an ideal, High Performance Workplace. Utilizing the many tools provided by Haworth, POE constructed a showroom and “Living Laboratory” work environment. The easily reconfigurable workplace serves many purposes: it provides members with the tools they need to deliver timely, accurate client service, and presents customers with the opportunity to view product and tool solutions in action.

What is a High Performance Workplace?
A high performance workplace impacts your organization in 3 key areas: human, facilities, and organizational performance.
Combining Haworth’s Integrated Palette, the science of workplace culture, and sustainable building practices, POE can create a High Performance Workplace. This is a dynamic work environment that inspires and motivates your people, sustaining a healthy and cost effective facility that changes with you. A High Performance Workplace aligns your physical space with your goals, culture, and brand, resulting in measureable improvement in organizational performance.