About Us

We believe great spaces inspire people, energize organizations, and fuel success.

Our mission is simple and direct: to develop impactful space solutions with intense focus on client satisfaction. Guiding you and your team with relevant industry research, hard-earned experience, and broad product knowledge, POE will develop with you an adaptable solution able to support the way you work.

Engaged Members Make for an Exceptional Client Experience
POE’s culture is built around promoting member engagement to consistently deliver inspired spaces and exceptional client experience. Sharing corporate goals and relevant data, we empower our members to make informed decisions and implement initiatives that create a better result for you.

We’re Not All Talk
Everyday Haworth dealer partners across the globe are challenged to meet high standards for quality, performance, and excellence in business practice. Dealerships designated “Best in Class,” stand out as extraordinary partners – engaging with Haworth, customers, and community to deliver exceptional value.
Three of the four past years, POE was one of the select few dealerships to be honored with a “Best in Class” distinction and, in 2014, was ranked as one of Haworth’s Top 10 North American furniture dealers. Our continued “Best in Class” status assures our clients competitive pricing and proves that we’re not all talk – we work hard to provide the best client experience possible.

Do you have time to sift through research?
Often times, no. That’s why we do it for you. Combining workplace knowledge with strong design principles, Ron Johnson, our Director of Workplace Innovation, works with designers to create high performance workspaces rooted in trends – not fads. The way people work is rapidly changing, and we’re making sure we understand how those trends are relevant to you and your organization to secure your future workspace.

POE is more than just a St. Louis office furniture dealership. We're an organization of committed, passionate members dedicated to creating inspiring solutions for corporate, healthcare, educational, government, hospitality, and technology spaces, alike.